Vocal recording & correction

The vocal recording and editing quality is what made our studio famous in our area. Clients love the way we edit and mix their vocals and make subtle pitch correction exactly where needed.

Nowadays we are offering remote recording sessions, no matter where you are in the world. All you need is a stable internet connection, a decent microphone and an audio interface. You don't even need high internet bandwidth, since the actual recording is done on your device.

For transmitting the screen image and the audio stream for monitoring, only a few mbit/s of bandwidth are required. Please note that not all screen sharing software is suitable for this application. For audio monitoring, we use a special kind of server based plugin which will sit on your master channel and transfer the audio directly from your DAW to our studio, maintaining the highest quality with minimal latency.

Drum Programming

Having developed one of the most popular free drum samplers available, we are confident it is among the best. However, there are many other great drum samplers out there, and we are happy to work with whatever suits your needs.

Editing, Mixing & Mastering

We have been doing mixing and mastering for over a decade. Before going into the music software industry, we worked with hundreds of recording artists. Some wanted help to perfect their own compositions, while others just wanted to have fun covering their favorite songs. So whether you are a professional or an amature, Manda Audio can help you take your music to the next level.


Whether you are new to digital production, or already have years of experience, I can help bring out the best in your recordings. My name is Daniel Mitschang-Manda, CEO of Manda Audio, and I'm now offering 1 on 1 direct online coaching for the DAWs Cubase, Reaper and Studio One. applications. 

Watching tutorials on Youtube can help get you started, but it can't compare to having a friendly professional actually listen to your music and answer all your software-related questions. I will personally work with you to improve and polish the quality of your recordings and mixes.

In additon to music production, I have years of experience working with video and live streaming software, and am happy to share my expertise in those areas as well.